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A little bit about us!

First and foremost MoodyFools specialises in Titnaium Fasteners for hte R/C sector!.

We hold physical stock rather than shadow stock which means we can usually dispatch the next day on any items ordered online. Our screw ranges covers not just the usual DIN7991 (aka countersunk head, or flat head) or the ISO7380 (aka button or round head), but we are constantly expanding to other tyres such as DIN912 (CAPS head), for mounting motors, and DIN917 (grub) screws which are often used as droop screws if M4, for M3 they are often found in wishbones in a TC and side shocks and side springs in an LMP car.

Currently we cover from M2 to M4 for all popular lengths ranging from 4mm to 30mm where available, please see website for details. Unlike other brands that only covers M3 sizes, we can go the extra mile for you with our extended range!

MoodyFools began life for building bespoke Titanium screw sets for specific cars and our range is foreven expanding so you should find kits for all kinds of cars on our website! However if your car in not somehow not listed, simply drop us an email and we will do our best to build a kit just for you!

Happy Racing!


Since 2016 MoodyFools have start to include other items and accessories for the most demanding racer. So far we have successfully launched the following items:

T64 Titanium hinge outer hinge pin sets for ARC, Capricorn, Infinity, Yokomo, Xray Touring cars.

T64 front axles for the Xray X1 Formula one car (2019 version coming soon!)

Matched variance ceramic diff balls for F1, GT10, GT12 and of course LMP cars!   

Coming soon:

MF Pure silicone diff grease for ball diffs

MF Universal Sliding Joint grease for blades and UJs.



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